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No Cost / Low Cost

  • Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning. Make sure your fan is blowing air downward (counter-clockwise) in the summer.

  • Close doors and windows tightly when running your air conditioner. Save even more by turning off kitchen and bath exhaust fans.

  • Change or clean the air filter on your air conditioner at least once a month. Make sure to keep your air conditioner well tuned.

  • Keep blinds, shades and drapes closed during the hottest part of the day in the summer.

  • Plant leafy trees or shrubs on the sunny side of your house. During the summer they provide shade.

  • During the summer, switch fans off when you leave the room. Fans don't actually cool rooms, they just cool people.

  • Raise the temperature setting on your air conditioner. You can save 7 to 10 per cent of your cooling costs for each degree above 25 °C.

Save Even More

  • Install ENERGY STAR® qualified ceiling fans. In combination with energy efficient lighting, these units are about 50% more efficient than conventional fan/light units.

  • Replacing your air conditioner? Choose an ENERGY STAR® qualified model. They use at least 10 per cent less energy. Make sure you don’t buy a bigger unit than you need. An oversized air conditioner is actually less effective – and wastes energy at the same time.

Knowledge is Power
You can make little changes to your lifestyle to save big on your power bills.
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