Residual Heat Recovery

Heat is recovered from the NTPC diesel plant to heat buildings in the community.  This displaces the need for heating fuel and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Fort Liard – Residual heat from the diesel plant heats the Hamlet office, the fire station and garage, and the Echo Dene School.  Since 2011, residual heat has provided almost 80% of the heating required by the school.  In 2012-2013, almost 44,000 litres of heating oil were displaced. This represents a greenhouse gas reduction of 120 tonnes.

Fort McPherson – The heat comes from the fuel already being burned at NTPC’s diesel plant. Heat is being sold through a system of above-ground pipes built by Aadrii Limited, an innovative partnership between the Gwich’in Development Corporation and NTPC.  In 2012/13, the use of residual heat displaced 66,800 litres of heating oil, equivalent to 179 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

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