NTPC Submits Proposed Lower Rates for Hay River Electricity Customers

HAY RIVER, Northwest Territories (March 8, 2023) In support of an application filed by the Town of Hay River with the NWT Public Utilities Board (PUB) to purchase the Town’s electricity distribution franchise from Northland Utilities (NWT) Ltd. (NUL) and then immediately sell it to the Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC), the Corporation has submitted proposed rates for Hay River electricity customers. A non-government residential customer using 1000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month will see a monthly saving of approximately 18% while a non-government general service customer using 2000 kWh will see a monthly saving of approximately 19%.  

If the application by the Town of Hay River is approved and NTPC’s proposed rates are accepted by the PUB, the new rates would come into effect on the transfer date. Hay River customers would pay the same rates as other customers in the Taltson Zone (Fort Smith and Fort Resolution).  

The transfer of the franchise was first announced in 2016 after the Town conducted a competitive bidding process to determine whether electricity distribution rates could be lowered. NTPC’s proposal was ultimately accepted by the Mayor and Council of the day as being the best option. Negotiations and discussions involving all parties have been ongoing over the past seven years.

Further information about the franchise transfer, including rates, will be provided as the PUB review process advances.

NTPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of NT Hydro, which in turn is 100 percent owned by the Government of the Northwest Territories. 




“Although the process to transfer the Hay River franchise has taken longer than expected, we are pleased to be able to propose lower electricity rates for Hay River. If approved by the PUB, Hay River customers will be paying the same rates paid in other South Slave hydro communities.”

Cory Strang, President and CEO, Northwest Territories Power Corporation

“Hay River customers will benefit from being charged the same rates as other residents of the Taltson Zone. The economies of scale from having a larger customer base will result in improved purchasing power that could translate into lower costs being passed onto power customers in the South Slave.  A win for all residents of the Taltson Zone.”

Diane Archie, Minister Responsible for the Northwest Territories Power Corporation


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