Final assembly of exciter

Capital Projects

NTPC owns and operates a large number of physical assets. The list of assets includes hydroelectric facilities, transmission lines and power poles, diesel generators, solar arrays, transformers, bucket trucks and many other things. These assets require regular maintenance but may also need to be replaced or refurbished  at some point in time. As a result, NTPC completes projects every year to ensure that electricity can continue to be reliably provided to customers in customers across the NWT. 

Among the major projects that have recently been completed, are underway or are expected to begin in the near future:

Snare Forks Unit 1 Refurbishment

Machining of steel ring
Unit 1 at Snare Forks was returned to service in October 2020 following an overhaul that was financially supported by the Government of Canada through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program


Inuvik Wind Project

Turbine arrival in Hay River
Components of the wind turbine will be transported by barge to Inuvik in the summer of 2022
Turbine blade
Turbine blade arrived in Hay River in November 2021.
Piles and thermosyphons at Inuvik Wind site
Grey piles that will form part of the foundation of the wind turbine have been installed at the site. Thermosyphons (white poles) will help to protect the thermafrost beneath and around the turbine as well as help stabilize the structure.

Sachs Harbour -- new diesel plant

New diesel plant in Sachs Harbour
Commissioning of a new diesel plant in Sachs Harbour will begin in early 2022

Lutsel K'e -- new diesel plant

New diesel plant in Lutsel K'e
Construction of a new, high efficiency diesel plant in Lutsel K'e began in 2021


Inside of plant
Progress is being made on the inside of the plant. The plant is expected to be up and running later this year, once the plant has been commissioned and the distribution infrastructure installed to connect the new plant to rest of the community's electrical system. 

Taltson Refurbishment

New Taltson turbine shaft has been manufactured
New turbine shaft that will be installed during the Taltson overhaul
New turbine that will be installed during the Taltson overhaul
New turbine that will be installed during the Taltson overhaul
Taltson forebay
The new camp for those who will be working on the overhaul can be seen on the left side of this photo. The number of workers  required to complete the overhaul exceeds the capacity of the former camp. The Taltson hydro unit can be seen in the top right of the photo.