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Save on Conservation -- Rebate Programs 

Arctic Energy Alliance offers rebate program to individuals and businesses for making energy-saving purchases and installing alternative energy projects. Below is a list of three programs and many opportunities to pocket the rewards

Energy Efficiency and Incentive Program (EEIP)Pocket the Rewards - title only

This program provides rebates to homeowners and consumers who purchase new, more energy efficient models of products that they use every day. Buying energy efficient products will help you save energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Here is a list of available rebates from the Arctic Energy Alliance or click here to view larger: 

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Get more details on the Energy Efficiency and Incentive Program on the Arctic Energy Alliance website or call 920-3333 or toll-free at 1-877-755-5855.


Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program (CECEP)

This program helps businesses reduce their energy use and save money with rebates up to $15,000. Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) will analyze your utility bills to see where energy savings might be possible. This is called a yardstick energy audit and is free. An AEA energy advisor will then meet with you at your building and audit your building’s heating equipment and controls, ventilation equipment and controls, air leakage, equipment that uses water, and your building’s lighting and lighting controls, and let you know how to get the most energy savings for the least amount of money. You then use the audit report to help you decide what work you want to do.

More information on the Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program is available here.


Alternative Energy Technologies Program (AETP)

AETP supports individuals and businesses for the installation of alternative energy technologies by offering a one-third rebate to a limit of $5,000 for individuals and $15,000 for businesses.

Click here for more Alternative Energy Technologies Program information. 



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