Payment Options & Late Payments

NTPC has a number of convenient methods of bill payment. You can pay:

  • By registering and paying through MyNTPC.
  • In person at your local NTPC office.
  • In person at your local Co-op or Northern Store.
  • Through your bank, either in person, by telephone or through internet banking.
  • By mailing your payment to your local regional office or NTPC's head office.


P.O. Box 2250
X1A 2P7
Fort Simpson
P.O. Box 180
X0E 0N0
P.O. Box 1490
X0E 0T0
Fort Smith
P.O. Box 66
X0E 0P0
Hay River
4 Capital Drive
X0E 1G2

Late Payments and Disconnections

Your Power bill is due 21 days after the billing date. If the account remains unpaid 7 days after it becomes due, a 1.5% interest charge will be applied.

If the account is 7 days past due or greater the Corporation will begin collection activities up to and including the following: service disconnection, installation of a current limiting device, assignment to a collection agency or legal action.