new construction

New Construction Service

To add a new service connection, upgrade or move a service or install a temporary service you will need to complete an on line, download this document: Request for Service Application (PDF). This tells us who you are, how to contact you, and the type of service you require.

The service desk will contact you to discuss with you or your contractor what the steps and requirements are to meet your needs.

  • NTPC will require your specific requirements, generally provided by a contractor or electrician to determine route and electrical load.
  • We will provide a detailed estimate of the work costs and scheduling requirements.
  • When you approve the estimate we will enter into a contract. You may need to pay a construction deposit, generally equal to the estimated costs, before we will finalize design and order the necessary materials for your service connection. Be aware that some specialized materials may have an order period of 6 months or more.
  • If the work involves a distribution extension over private land we will require a registered easement to this property prior to construction.
  • If the work includes a new power account then a customer service order will need to be completed (see: Connecting a Business Service) which will require a separate electrical deposit.

A service connection will also require an approved electrical permit before we can connect and energize lines. For more information on electrical permits click here.

  • Once permits are in place, materials are shipped to the site, the crew is scheduled for construction, and the work is completed.
  • NTPC crews travel from community to community on a schedule. If timing is an issue, you may be asked to pay the transportation costs for the crew.
  • NTPC will provide an invoice to you after the work is completed. If there is a difference between the construction deposit and the actual cost of the job you will be required to pay the difference or you will receive a refund.