Our energy future

Our Future

NTPC has a long-term plan for developing the necessary resources and systems to provide reliable, clean, and affordable for the communities and industries of the Northwest Territories.

The NWT Power System Plan calls for the interconnection of the existing Snare and Taltson transmission grids to create a single grid. This would allow for better use of the existing (and underutilized) hydroelectric facilities by reducing the need for diesel generation in some communities.

To meet energy needs for large industrial loads, the proposed NWT grid could be connected to southern markets allowing for import of electricity while the North's hydro potential is developed. The timing of grid development depends on financing as well the needs of new and existing industrial customers.

NTPC and its sister company NT Energy are also researching the potential for creating smaller grids, and establishing regional energy solutions to meet the needs of NWT communities.

These plans are summarized in the NWT Power System Plan (PDF).