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Conserving Energy

As customers we can't change the cost of power -- that's based on the cost to generate and deliver it -- but we can change how much power we use in our homes and businesses.

The links below help you determine which rooms and appliances use the most electricity and provide tips to lower the total amount of power you use. Following these tips may help lower your power bill.

Let us help you manage your energy costs!

Helping you use power efficiently is part of the responsibility of the Northwest Territories Power Corporation. We hope our efforts will help you save energy and money, while we both work to protect our northern environment.

Energy Saving Tips
Start saving energy now! Check out our energy saving tips for appliances, heating and cooling systems, home entertainment systems and home office equipment.
Energy Calculator
Want to know how much it costs to operate your clothes dryer every month? Need to get a better handle on how much electricity your TV uses? Find your home's energy hogs with the help of our Energy Calculator.
Energy Use in Your Home
Discover how the energy use in your home compares with that of other residents in the Territories.
Get Ready for Winter
Discover ways to winter-proof your home, while keeping warm and starting your car at 40 °C below.
Energy Use In Your Business
At Northwest Territories Power Corporation we understand that energy management is an important part of running a business. This section has been developed to help your business become more energy efficient and energy aware. We hope that by providing energy efficient ideas businesses will continue to save on energy costs year round.
Energy Awareness in Your Business
Businesses must involve both employees and owners in efforts to save energy. This section provides businesses with material to help create an energy management culture.
Rebate Programs to Save You Money
Arctic Energy Alliance has programs for you and your home and business to pocket the savings when purchasing energy-saving appliances, heat sources, LED light bulbs and more. Follow this link to find out more. Or are you thinking about installing a small alternative energy project? This is also the link for you.

PowerWise is an energy conservation campaign presented by the Northwest Territories Power Corporation, in partnership with the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Arctic Energy Alliance.

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