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Energy Saving Tips

No Cost / Low Cost

  • Keep your freezer full. Consider using large containers of water or ice (or ice cream) to fill your freezer
  • Set the temperature of your freezer for only as cold as you need (about -18 °C)
  • Is your freezer shrinking? Allow no more than 6 mm of frost accumulation. Defrost regularly to keep freezers working their best
  • Check the freezer door's seal by closing the door on a $5 bill. If it's held tightly in place, the seal's OK; if not, the door should be adjusted or the seal replaced
  • Keep your freezer out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources like a radiator or furnace. Also, avoid cold environments like an unheated porch or garage

Save Even More

  • Shopping for a new freezer? Choose an ENERGY STAR® qualified model that is only as large as you need. An oversized unit will waste energy
  • Save even more by purchasing a chest freezer rather than a stand-up freezer -- they use 30-50 per cent less energy