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Energy Use In Your Business

About Energy Use In Your Business

At the Northwest Territories Power Corporation we understand that energy management is an important part of running a business. This section has been developed to help your business become more energy efficient and energy aware. We hope that by providing energy efficient ideas businesses will continue to save on energy costs year round. See Energy Saving Tips for Your Business below.

Energy Saving Tips for Your Business

The purpose of this section is to provide some examples for businesses on how to remove non-useful energy consumption as well as upgrading areas to become more energy efficient. There are five main energy areas that we focused on:

Please keep in mind that these energy saving ideas are only some of the options available to business owners. There are many ways to become more energy efficient in your business. Each section gives tips on removing non-useful energy consumption and energy efficiency upgrades.

Removing Non-Useful Energy Consumption

Reducing unnecessary energy use is the first step in energy management, in any sector (residential, commercial, industrial). This is energy that is not being used productively. Once this is addressed, the business owner can then move on to improving efficiencies and investigating the potential for alternative sources of energy.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Once the non-useful energy consumption has been addressed, business owners may want to investigate the potential for energy savings through efficiency improvements. These tips include upgrades to existing equipment as well as replacing existing systems.

Energy Audits

Want a more detailed look at energy use in your business?

Book an 'Energy Audit' with the Arctic Energy Alliance.

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