Keeping the lights on requires ongoing maintenance and monitoring

Safety. Environment & Outages

Safety is Job One!

Electricity is a necessity in today's world. It powers everything from our morning coffee to the video games that keep children entertained. But electricity can be dangerous. It travels at speeds exceeding 134,000 miles per hour and exposure to just a few amps for a nanosecond can stop the human heart.

At NTPC, safety is job one. There is no room for compromise. Our highest priority is the safety of our employees, contractors and the public.

We want to share some safety tips to keep you, your family and your co-workers safe around electricity.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

NTPC is committed to minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the use of renewables to generate electricity and reducing the number and volume of reportable environmental spills. Click here to see a list of recent spills reported by NTPC..


To report an outage/power emergency, call 1-855-575-6872

NTPC generates power for the communities of Yellowknife and Hay River/Enterprise but does not distribute the power. If we experience an outage in generating power, we will provide information on this page. If there is a problem with the distribution of power, you must contact Northland Utilities for further information.

NTPC does not service the communities of: Fort Providence, Trout Lakes, Kakisa, Wekweeti.