LED streetlights

Report a Problem

If your power is out:

  • If you live in a community served by Naka Power (formerly Northland Utilities in Yellowknife, Hay River, etc.) you may need to contact your electricity distributor to investigate the problem
  • First, check whether the power failure is limited to your home. If your neighbour's power is still on, check your circuit breakers, fuse box, or if you have a load limiting device installed
  • If power is out in your area, check our website on your mobile device. As soon as we hear about a power outage we will post this information. If your outage is listed there, an NTPC crew will be working to repair it
  • If the outage is not listed, call NTPC at 1-855-575-6872 (We will need to know where the problem is and what the problem is)
  • Make sure your family or your staff has this information handy, and they know what to do in an emergency
  • If you see a broken power line, or a power line on the ground – it may be live. Stay well away and call NTPC (See: Safety During a Power Outage)

Problem Details

If you are experiencing a problem with your electricity service or with streetlights, complete the form below and NTPC will address the issue as soon as possible. Problems related to your bill should be sent to: customercare@ntpc.com.