Employee Energy Awareness Questionnaire
Have employees fill out this questionnaire to find out how energy aware they are. It will also help track the success of your Energy Awareness Campaign.

What is the general attitude of people toward energy saving?
Very Positive – you actively save energy and believe you can make a difference  
Aware and positive, but it is not part of your current work day culture  
Partly energy aware; you take some action and share information with colleagues  
Neutral, you may occasionally try to save energy  
Generally indifferent toward energy saving  
Environmental Impact
How aware are you of the environmental impact of energy use?
I am very aware and often do my own research  
Most are aware of the environmental impact through usual media exposure  
I am aware of some of the environmental issues  
I am aware of the current debate, but am not yet convinced  
I am not aware of the environmental impact  
Cost and Waste
What is the level of awareness of energy costs and where energy is wasted?
I am aware of the costs and aware of where it is mostly wasted  
I am aware of the costs, but not aware of where it is wasted  
I do not know what the energy costs are, or where it is wasted  
Energy Saving
How many staff aware of the ways in which they can save energy?
I am aware of many ways of saving energy  
I am aware of 5 or 6 ways in which to save energy  
I am aware of some basic energy saving measures  
I am not aware of any energy saving measures  
How motivated are people to save energy?
I am motivated and try to influence others  
I am motivated and do what I can to save energy  
I feel motivated but enthusiasm is lost due to general apathy  
I am not motivated to save energy