Walkabout Checklist
Completing this checklist on a monthly basis will allow you to identify energy saving opportunities.

Date of Energy Walkabout    
Heating Checked Further
Needed (Y/N)
Are there staff complaints about the temperature?    
Have heaters/boilers been serviced in the last 12 months?    
Are portable heaters being used?    
Are heaters and air conditioning units operating in the same space?    
If hot water is provided, is it being wasted?    
Do all areas have the same heating requirements?    
Is the room thermostat working and set to the correct temperature?    
Are the timers working and on the correct settings?    
Are other heating controls working and on the correct settings?    
Are there obstructions in front of radiators or heaters?    
Are windows and doors open when heating or air conditioning is on?    
Are there any cold drafts coming from windows or doors?    
Are lights switched off (if daylight is sufficient lighting/room not in use)?    
Are any out-of-date light fixtures being used?    
Are lamps and fittings clean?    
Are incandescent bulbs still in use?    
Are light switches easy to access and labeled?    
Is exterior lighting switched off when not in use?    
In the Office    
Have computers got built-in energy saving features and are they activated?    
Are computers left on over night or when not in use?    
Are monitors and fans switched off when not in use?    
Are photocopiers located in air conditioned areas?    
Are computers, printer and photocopiers left on overnight/weekends?    
Are vending machine/water coolers left on all the time?    
In the Factory/Warehouse    
Are pumps/fans/compressed air switched off when the equipment is not in use?    
Can you hear compressed air leaks?    
Are refrigeration units being run efficiently    
Are coils cleaned for refrigeration equipment?