• Community Clean-Up?

    Do you know someone planning a clean-up in your community? A youth group, service club or other group?  We can help!  Find our how here!

    CommunityCleanUp carousel
  • Supporting Communities

    Fort Smith Fishing Derby was a great success. Read more about how NTPC can support your community.

    Fort Smith FishingDerby4
  • New Solar Installation

    A new array of 54 kiloWatt solar panels is installed in Colville Lake and is now turning sunshine into power -- to learn more about the project click here.

    Colville Solar Array
  • Clean Energy

    Hydro provides 75 percent of our power. NTPC is working to bring clean renewable energy to the NWT. Click here to see how.

  • Net Metering Program

    People are increasingly interested in generating their own power with renewable resources such as solar or wind energy. You can!  Click to read more...

Saving Power Saves Money

Every household can take steps to conserve energy and reduce the family electric bill. There are lots of hints on how to trim your bills in our section called PowerWise. For example, choose energy smart light bulbs, and task lighting. Choose energy smart appliances and check the water heater – it may be your largest consumer of energy. In winter, be sure to add a timer to your block heater power cord.


At NTPC, safety is job one. There just isn’t any room for compromise, and we want to keep it that way to protect our employees, contractors and the public. We are participants in the COR Safety program, and have been awarded our Certificate of Compliance. We’ve won national awards for safety on the job.

We’d like to share some electricity safety information to keep you and your family safe in the Northwest Territories! Read up on tips for families, workers and kids in school, at Safety.

Customer Care

NTPC has added new online customer service features to this website. We hope you will take advantage of our new billing and reporting system, and let us know where we can make the experience better for you.

We have also added an Outage report. If the power fails in your area, you can check the status using your hand held device. If the Outage has been reported, you can see the location, whether crews have been dispatched to repair the service and when NTPC expects the power to be restored.